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Ekulo Distribution Co. USA
Ekulo Distribution Co. USA, Inc Member of Ekulo Group International, an international trading and distributing company based in Fontana, California. USA
We specialized in supplying Global buyers/importers variety of American products including: Food and Beverages, Health, Beauty products and Home supplies with first class pricing.
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USA -Africa Initiative Program

Our Major Focus is to assist United States of America manufacturing and service companies to do business in Sub-Sahara African countries.

We write marketing plans that would help U.S companies penetrate Sub-Sahara African markets.

Our consultants guide small U.S companies in getting over cultural , language and trade barriers in Sub -Sahara African countries.

With our assistance and guidance , we reduce market penetration costs for small U.S companies.

We source and raise funds to finance energy, telecommunication and manufacturing projects in Sub-Sahara African countries.

Africa to USA Initiative Program

Our Major focus is to assist companies . Countries , trade and export development agencies in Sub- Sahara African countries to do business with United States of America.

Our consultants vet and groom small medium sized companies on how to do business with U.S. Companies.

Training of local businesses or entrepreneurs on modern business skills such as cash flow analysis, risk management techniques and rudimentary financial controls.

Strategy and Planning

An international business plan that includes a strategy for entering or expanding into targeted markets is critical to your success in the global marketplace. Ekulo Distribution USA , Inc provides companies with cost-effective resources to help you develop or improve your international business plan.

Already have an international business plan?

We can confidentially review your international business plan and provide suggestions and cost- effective solutions to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

We can also confidentially review your strategy for entering or expanding into targeted markets and offer suggestions and solutions to ensure you have the best marketing mix.

Market U.S EX-IM Bank and Trade & Development Agency programs to local business and countries.

Package transactions to U.S based financial institutions.

Assist local small-medium sized companies sell their products to the U.S market.

Train and work with local trade , export and tourism promotion agencies in opening up their markets.

Ekulo Distribution USA , Inc is equipped with the contacts , knowledge , expertise and experience to establish programs that will increase trade for both small and medium scale manufactures in Sub-Sahara African countries and United States of America.

Ekulo Distribution USA , Inc will work in partnership with trade and development agencies, specific African countries , companies and entrepreneurs to promote Africa-United States trade . We have asserted the unique nature of Sub-Sahara African commercial environment , explored the possibilities for high value-added smaller and medium sized businesses. Ekulo Distribution USA , Inc has a team who are from Africa , studied , worked with U.S.A companies , presently live in the United States and doing business in countries in Sub-Sahara Africa.

“ We’ll create public-private partnerships to help firms break into new markets with the help of those who have been there – shipping and supply-chain companies, for example.”

President Obama
Export-Import Bank Annual Conference
March 11, 2010

U.S. Trade with Sub-Saharan Africa, January-December 2010

U.S. total trade (exports plus imports) with Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) increased by 32 percent from 2009 to 2010, as both exports and imports increased. The expansion in trade is consistent with the overall growth in U.S. trade with the world (a 22 percent increase in 2010). U.S. exports to SSA increased by 13 percent to $17 billion (mostly due to increases of vehicles exports). Of the top five African destinations for U.S. products, exports to Nigeria rose by 10 percent, to South Africa by 26 percent, to Ghana by 37 percent, and to Gabon by 42 percent. Exports to Liberia increased by 101 percent. Exports to Angola decreased by 9 percent and to Kenya by 45 percent. Exports of electrical machinery (including telecommunications equipment) to SSA continue to decrease (-8 percent).

From 2009 to 2010, U.S. imports from SSA increased by 39 percent to reach $65 billion. This increase was mostly due to a 40 percent jump in crude oil imports (accounting for 81.4 percent of total U.S. imports from SSA) with both price and quantity increasing. This growth closely parallels the large increase in total crude oil imports from virtually all oil producing trading partners (to include non-AGOA eligible countries). U.S. imports from Nigeria increased by 60 percent, from Angola by 28 percent, from the Democratic Republic of Congo by 60 percent, and from Gabon by 80 percent. U.S. imports from South Africa also grew by 40 percent driven mainly by increases in diamonds imports. U.S. imports from Ghana rose by 103 percent due to an increase in cocoa imports (gained from Ivory Coast’s political instability and negatively affected cocoa industry).

In 2010, AGOA imports were $44 billion, 31 percent more than in 2009, mainly due to a 33 percent increase in AGOA petroleum product imports.1Petroleum products continued to account for the largest portion of AGOA imports with a 91 percent share of overall AGOA imports. With these fuel products excluded, AGOA imports were $4 billion, increasing by 18 percent. U.S. imports of AGOA chemical and related products increased by 39 percent, AGOA minerals and metals by 94 percent, AGOA agricultural products by 44 percent, and AGOA transportation products by 15 percent. AGOA textiles and apparel imports decreased by 20 percent and AGOA machinery related products by 44 percent.

The top five AGOA beneficiary countries included Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, Republic of Congo, and Chad. Other leading AGOA beneficiaries included Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Kenya, Cameroon, and Mauritius.