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Ekulo Distribution Co. USA
Ekulo Distribution Co. USA, Inc Member of Ekulo Group International, an international trading and distributing company based in Fontana, California. USA
We specialized in supplying Global buyers/importers variety of American products including: Food and Beverages, Health, Beauty products and Home supplies with first class pricing.
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We are a unique company , providing total partnership services to businesses requiring assistance from consulting to sourcing to hands-on manufacturing to product sales and placement. Our Staff brings experience from some of the largest companies across the globe, with services tailored to our individual client regardless of size. Our philosophy of hands-on involved and involvement and “boots on the ground” partnership with our clients across the globe ensures success.

We take fear , anxiety and uncertainty out of doing business in USA and throughout the globe. Our unique blend of knowledge and experience across multiple business platforms enables us to partner with you rather being just a supplier . We take responsibility for products end-to-end and provide added value to any client relationship through our unique experience and diligent effort.

Product /Component Development and Sourcing :
  • Extensive network of established , reputable suppliers and business contacts USA, Canada , Asia and UK.
  • Fully staffed offices in USA
  • Product development services regardless of your level of need. We can source a currently -existing product or develop a product idea that you've drawn on the back of the napkin.
  • Complete package , display and graphic design services.
  • Evaluation of suppliers.
  • Selection of suppliers appropriate to our business partnership.
  • Negotiating costs and terms.
  • Quality control and social compliance.
  • Production control and testing
  • Global logistics services.

Local language , customs and business protocols demand a partner who knows how to conduct business in the region. Our staff live in the region where we do business. We have over 25 years experience in global negotiations. We have learned how to interpret the subtle nuances the local business customs and expectations necessary to provide a competitive price with enduring quality.

Global sourcing is a complex and often vexing process:

  • When USA or Canada companies negotiate with African vendors , they rarely get the “African” price in initial negotiations, Having experienced negotiations with years of experience in dealing in our countries of expertise helps to cut through this layer of negotiation.
  • When African companies seek to do business in USA ,UK or Canada , they often overlook the subtle nuances that differentiate cultures . We offer the experience in the language and packaging subtleties that often make the difference between an African Supplier looking “ African” and looking like a world -class global supplier.

Our lasting presence in USA enables Ekulo Distribution Co. USA, Inc to remove the layers of traditional profit taking from import / export agents, logistics agents, distributors and Representatives. Our Direct pricing provides the cost reductions and quality improvements that translate into the competitive advantage that allows you to spend more time and resources on product development , support and marketing. So your business can compete through innovation and creativity.

Logistics :

Our “boots on the ground “ presence in the countries which we do business ensures you a seamless experience. We can control your shipment from the time order is placed until it is delivered to your door, or take a position anywhere in the process where you feel you need assurance.

Our staff works with each factory and supplier to ensure quality product and on-time deliveries.
We offer warehousing services in USA and Africa for companies who require short or long term inventory positions.

Commercial Printing / Packaging Services. :
We can provide a complete array of commercial printing and packaging services including :

Commercial printing: A complete array of quality services from business cards to product catalogs and directories to magazines and books.

Packaging services: We offer a complete service from package structure to durable substrates to complete packing design incorporating corrugate , PET ,PVC or APET applications.

Display Services: Our package partners also offers a complete array of in-store display solutions from counter top traffic displays to trade show floor display designs.
Summary of what Ekulo Distribution Co. USA, Inc offer:
  • Extensive network of contacts in USA , Canada, Asia and UK
  • Fully-staffed offices in the USA , UK, China and Africa
  • Product /component sourcing
  • Cost reduction / competitive sourcing
  • On-time deliveries
  • Product developmental
  • Quality Assurance
  • Complete product management
  • Package and graphic design
  • Packaging
  • Commercial printing services
  • Logistics services
  • Of-shore warehousing resources
  • Joint venture programs