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Ekulo Distribution Co. USA
Ekulo Distribution Co. USA, Inc Member of Ekulo Group International, an international trading and distributing company based in Fontana, California. USA
We specialized in supplying Global buyers/importers variety of American products including: Food and Beverages, Health, Beauty products and Home supplies with first class pricing.
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It has always been an opportunity for people to work with Ekulo Distribution Co. USA, Inc. People, both experienced and non-experienced, have joined hands with us and contributed to the company's growth and their personal consistent growth. The company has always rewarded them suitably.

If you are interested in becoming our Team Member, please Send me your Resume at we will contact you shortly.

Africa Initiative -Youth Enrichment Program (YEP)
Encouraging our Youth to Tap into Africa's Potential

Ekulo Group YEP Vision
Enhance the economic and social development of the African Continent by encouraging greater USA private investment through educating and encouraging our youth.

Ekulo Group YEP Mission Statement
To effectively assist with strengthening USA/African Trade and Investment initiatives , that ultimately will contribute to Africa's economic and social development by advocating and implementing Ekulo Group's objectives.

Ekulo Group YEP Objectives:

  • To advocate the need for American youth to investigate career opportunities in Sub- Sahara Africa.
  • To bring back like-minded youth together across geographic and cultural divides that may pool together ideas and resources.
  • To encourage, promote , and undertake research that will facilitate greater youth involvement opportunities.
  • To create additional employment opportunities in Sub -Sahara Africa for American youth via entrepreneurial ventures , or working for USA companies in Africa.
  • To foster opportunities that spark ideas for youth to later use to invest in Africa.
  • To develop and cultivate a new wave of youth committed to working in Africa.